Tangaroa College Bespoke Shelving Project

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The last sketch

This is the final drawing stage before we take it to the digital realm. You're nearly there! 

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Equipment and tools

  • Workbook/ digital portfolio
  • Pen/pencil
  • Laptop/computer 
  • Camera

Lesson content

You're nearly there! In this lesson you will draw your FINAL iteration of your bespoke storage, outlining and describing exactly what each element of your design is. This includes measurements, notes of materials and techniques and any other design elements and principles.   


  1. 1


    Take your time to re-draw your final design.

    It must include the following:

    • Measurements 
    • Materials 
    • Notes 
    • Tools/equipment 
    • Techniques 
  2. 2


    Get stakeholder feedback on this BEFORE you move to CAD.


    Hollie's feedback

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