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Our network of collaborators include educators, researchers, practitioners and students, all of whom believe in the significance of design. If this sounds like you please get in touch so that we can start working together!


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  • Demelza Round profile image

    Demelza Round

    Demelza is a cross-disciplinary secondary school teacher who specialises in Art and Technology education, curriculum design and educational leadership. 

    Her experience with National Standard Alignment process in 2011 prompted her to undertake research aimed at contributing to future national curriculum development. She has a Masters of Professional Studies in Education through the University of Auckland (2015). Demelza’s research has investigated how to develop designerly thinking practices in secondary education and fostering collaboration between the secondary and tertiary sectors.

    Demelza held various positions at Saint Kentigern College between 2011 - 2017 including Head of Technology, Acting Head of Visual Art and Creative Director of Visual Art, Technology and Design. During this time specialisms under her leadership included Product Design, Object Art, Fashion and Textile Design, Food Technology, Digital Technology, Animation and Motion Graphics and Computer Science and Sculpture. As the Head of Technology at Tangaroa College (2019 - 2020) her focus was engaging students through the understanding and application of their personal design heritage to real world problems.

    Demelza is currently the Head of the Creative Industries at Waiheke High School, having been inspired at Tanagroa College by the significance of bringing personal expertise back to your community. As an educator Demelza is motivated by the power of making (in all fields) and social equity. She believes in empowering students to make tangible positive changes to their worlds through design.

  • Anjuli Selvadurai profile image

    Anjuli Selvadurai

    Anjuli Selvadurai is a visual artist/photographer/designer based in Auckland. Her current practice is driven by her experiences growing up as a mixed-race, first-generation New Zealander. Her most recent exhibiting work Gita interrogates aspects of her cultural identity in a series of embellished photographic textiles.

    Upon graduating from Massey University with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Photography, Anjuli has been immersed in photographic art and design discussions and history. With both practical, theoretical, and cultural knowledge under her belt, her interests in diversifying art and design narratives play a key role in how she approaches her own artistic practice as well as her freelance work. 

  • Nathan Walker profile image

    Nathan Walker

    Nathan is a graphic/UI designer and web developer. His interest in the activity and impact of design started in high school with the presentation of his International Baccalaureate research at a national conference on the future of New Zealand design. The initial branding, web development and project resource development of Project Make was done as part of his undergraduate research at AUT before graduating in 2018.

    Nathan is currently at Gladeye, taking on occasional freelance work as Align Left. Prior to this, he freelanced as a designer and front-end developer throughout high school and university for organisations across a range of industries including technology and education.

  • Chris Anderson profile image

    Chris Anderson

    Chris is a recent high school graduate who is exploring the possibilities of design. He has presented his final year 13 design project, called the ‘Free-Line Project’, on Project Make. This is a functional family home that explores the finer moments of life through the element of non-uniform line work in flexibility, simplicity, and natural light. A family home that connects one to nature, pulling us back to what truly matters. 

    Chris is currently taking a gap year to explore further study options, being passionate about the connection between man and nature in design, and how we can learn from and give back to the environment. 

  • Shelane Lomas profile image

    Shelane Lomas

    Shelane is a designer, educator and trainer who has experience in both the public and private sectors of education.

    She has taught multiple courses within the Design and Technology Learning Area, and has worked on international education projects with the Ministry of Education. During her study of education at The University of Auckland she received the top award for multiple Technology Education courses.

    Shelane is passionate about design education, and in her role as an educator she aims to extend students, teachers and the community’s understanding of best design practice. Her pedagogy demonstrates an equal value towards analogue and digital practices within the design discipline.

    In 2012 Shelane completed her Architecture degree from The University of Auckland, where she won multiple awards for her design work. Her architectural projects have an inward focus where the journey and experience of the occupant is the focal point of the design process. She believes it is the designer’s job to create an experience for the user.

    Shelane is currently coordinating a move to London to continue developing her skills, design thinking, and pedagogy in a new environment.

  • Kathy Do profile image

    Kathy Do

    Kathy is an aspiring illustrator and animator, who is currently studying motion design at Media Design School. She has freelanced as an artist, doing illustrative commissions that ranged from album covers and posters, to profile pictures and cards. Additionally while studying, she has created motion work for client briefs which includes presenting pitches and WIP presentations against timed deadlines.

    Like every other artist, she drew constantly, inspired by morning cartoons since she was young, but only started taking her work seriously near the end of highschool - through the study of animation. Since then, Kathy has been adventuring the combination of art and motion, and is currently applying this into her personal projects, such as her ‘comic-in-works’: #ProjectOrbit. Following in the animation industry’s footsteps, Kathy has experience in storyboarding, animatics, and 2D animation.

    She is passionate about the power of storytelling, character design, and visual development. Always seeking to grow her visual library, you can often find her watching movies, reading comics and obviously, drawing. Project Make loves Kathy because of her spontaneous ideas and strong visuals of character and story. 

  • Connor Matson profile image

    Connor Matson

    Connor is a Software Engineer Intern at Rocket Lab and Engineering Science/Computer Science/Statistics student at the University of Auckland. When Connor has time away from work and study, he is the lead software engineer at Koios, a team within the Auckland Programme for Space Systems that is building satellites to promote interest in STEAM. He is passionate about the use of technology as a tool for simplifying everyday life and expanding the limits of what’s currently possible.

  • Mia Straka profile image

    Mia Straka

    Mia Straka is a contemporary jeweller, 3D artist and tutor based at Workshop6 in Auckland. She has enjoyed combining work with travel during artist residencies in Oaxaca, Mexico (2014) and Berlin, Germany (2018) as well as taking her interactive, values based Valere Talisman project to community spaces in Melbourne and on tour throughout the North Island. Currently Mia is a partner and tutor at Wokshop6, a shared jewellery studio in Kingsland and is about to embark on the two year HandShake6 project where she will be mentored by internationally renowned jeweller and educator Manon Van Kouswijk to develop her own experimental work. Mia is passionate about connecting through making, sharing skills and stories and investigating what we value, how we interact with each other and our environment through her artistic practice.

  • Susanna Pattison profile image

    Susanna Pattison

    Susanna is a secondary school teacher currently working at Diocesan School for Girls as Teacher in charge of Food Design Technology. Susanna returned to teaching 6 years ago after 17 years in her own Food business. Originally trained as an English and History teacher Susanna believes that student learning in the Food area is best achieved through practical experience. Susanna has developed and taught programs that value practical food experiences connecting students to the New Zealand food narrative. She has an interest in developing understanding and commitment to sustainable practice in the food environment and how this can be integrated into teaching and learning.

  • Alistair Kincaid profile image

    Alistair Kincaid

    Alistair is a passionate motion designer who is part way through a Bachelor of Motion Design. During this time he has worked a number of part time and freelance design jobs. This includes projects ranging from posters and billboards to video editing and 2D animation. Alistair currently works as a motion design freelancer for an off grid solar panel company. He enjoys working with a product that is a renewable source of energy and better for the environment. One of his goals is to continue using his design skills for projects related to this area, using the power of motion design and storytelling to educate and communicate environmental issues. 

    Alistair recently won a silver Best Design Award for a project with the Auckland Art Gallery, working in a group of 3 as the motion designer. During his time at university Alistair has taken up the opportunity to develop his own illustrated art style that incorporates an abstract use of line work. This development of style has gone hand in hand with self exploration, looking at the subconscious mind and exploring dream states to gather insight and imagery. This has led to the abstract outcome of an experimental animation. Project Make loves Alistair because he has learnt to think like a designer and an artist. He brings a quirky and positive energy to each project in terms of his work and attitude.

  • Sean Tholen profile image

    Sean Tholen

    Sean is a secondary school teacher who specialises in Science and Mathematics. He graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2019 and is currently working towards his Masters in Teaching and Education Leadership. Sean is passionate about making stuff, failing, and making more stuff. His ethos is “Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly” leading to a lot of learning, but also trying new things despite that inevitable outcome.

  • Hollie Riddell profile image

    Hollie Riddell

    Hollie is studying Industrial (Product) Design at Auckland University of Technology. She has previously worked in the fashion industry, working in technical development of clothing lines, and has freelanced as a designer focusing on packaging design. She is currently in her final year of her Bachelors Degree and is working on her graduation project. Hollie is passionate about all things outdoors and wants to ensure that as a designer she does everything to preserve and protect our Papatūānuku through design. Project Make loves Hollie because she has a wide range of knowledge in the diverse fields of product design, and has a unique outlook of approaching design.

  • Nadeen Lanuola Papali’i profile image

    Nadeen Lanuola Papali’i

    Papali’i is a Secondary School Teacher from South Auckland. She has served the teaching profession as a Mathematics Teacher for the past seven years and has recently joined the Technology department to teach Design. Her engineering background has allowed her to see the disciplines of Mathematics and Design compliment one another in a waltz. Papali’i is passionate about providing opportunities for young people to explore their potential. Her experience with Design has provided a space to explore and create, unlocking elements of self previously unaware of; an experience she hopes her students will share. Her current learnings as a rookie to the field of design has harmonised with her reflective approach; discovering there is a designer in everyone. Self-discovery within Design for her is occurring alongside her students and is evident in her raw, candid, instructional videos. She learns best by doing. Project Make loves Papali’i because she is utterly unafraid to learn new things and do whatever is needed to engage and capture her students.

  • Cherie Vick profile image

    Cherie Vick

    Cherie is a trained teacher and product developer from Melbourne. She has lived and worked in NZ, London, Cairo and Singapore and is currently exploring her penchant for design and fashion in her home studio. Cherie is passionate about her cat, sewing, a solid morning routine, sparkling mineral water and baking. Project Make loves Cherie because she has a strong understanding of design processes, a critical eye and skills in working soft materials.

  • Amber Leigh Stevens profile image

    Amber Leigh Stevens

    Amber Leigh Stevens is a filmmaker based in Auckland, specialising largely in Producing and First Assistant Directing indie shorts and series. She has had a run of successful projects over the last several years, including the award winning HP 48 Hours film Under the Bridge, and the TVNZ web series KURA. 

    After studying 3D Animation and later specialising in Screen Production, Amber Leigh went on to become the founder and Studio Manager for Smithstreet Studios, a shared working space designed to champion and nurture young freelance creatives. Amber Leigh is passionate about growing the next generation of artists and the collaborative effect of mixed-discipline media to tell cohesive and interesting stories that express an array of perspectives.

    You can see more of Amber Leigh’s work at smithstreetstudios.org/amber-leigh-stevens