A collective

approach to

design education

We bring together designers, makers, educators and students to develop projects that are available as online courses and physical workshops. We seek to recognise and be representative of Aotearoa's different sectors, fields and cultural diversity through collaboration.


Who is 
Project Make
is for?


If you're a teacher, you don’t have to teach on an island and you don’t need to have all the technical skills involved in a project.

Project Make connects people with projects, skills, knowledge and each other. We bring together the collective knowledge and practices of the design community across sectors and disciplines. 

Our services include:

  • Projects designed by our collaborators for teachers and students 
  • Short technical courses and monthly get togethers 
  • Promotion and advocacy for art and design in Aotearoa 
  • Design and development of specific projects and/or technical workshops 
  • Professional development and leadership of a team through an existing or future projects
  • Learning environment consultation to ensure spaces are safe and conducive to project based learning


If you’re a student, Project Make puts you in touch with people you might not otherwise have access to.

If you want to learn how to make something, or would like support in teaching something (where the teacher becomes the student; dun dun duuun) - we can help make it happen.

The project library is currently under development. The evil plan is to have projects that span as many disciplines and domains of art and design as we can name. But, as the Mainland cheese boys say, ‘good things take time’.

So if you don’t see what you’re after - let us know. Get in touch with some details and we will work out an appropriate way to support you. This could be as straightforward as finding someone to provide authentic stakeholder feedback on an exisiting project on or hooking you up with a short technical course from an exisiting provider.