• Dec 5 2019

    Make-o-saurus Rex

    Make-o-saurus Rex is our monthly making jam, and like jam it’s usually a little wild and messy. Sometimes it’s a bunch of people who want to do their own thing but with company and sometimes there is a theme or session run by a collaborator. The colab sessions are a great way to casually increase your own skills in a pretty chill environment.

    The Make-o-saurus Rex Project.
    We asked some of our wilder collaborators ‘who is Make-o-saurus Rex?’ and then told them to have fun. Here are the results...

  • Mar 31 2020

    Digital Handmade in Lockdown

    On the bright side, the lockdown is the perfect time to go crazy (in a productive way) and spend some quality time making. Join me in making Project Make's Digital Handmade Project.