• Oct 11 2021

    Tangled Making: Strokes of creative brilliance in uncertain times

    Demelza and Anjuli have a chat about what they have been making over lockdown. Reflecting on moments of creativity during these uncertain times and embracing the gnarly testing stages of playing with a new medium. As we in Tāmaki Makaurau, embark on our 8th week of lockdown we hope our friends and collaborators are coping and finding time to relax as well as get creative.

  • Sep 1 2021

    Eco-Making with Ruby Ross-Hayes

    Do you think about how your clothing and your mood might be linked? The wonderful Ruby Ross-Hayes, a Year 13 student at Waiheke High School, explores these connections through her design projects. By investigating the connection between fashion and sustainability, Ruby creates a bunch of meaningful and eco-friendly outcomes. Join Anjuli and Ruby chatting about all things fashion, sustainability, and of course, spontaneous lockdown projects.

  • Sep 1 2020

    Who gets to be a designer anyway?

    This is part one in a small series of personal reflections on design.

  • May 10 2020

    Self-Portrait Project in Lockdown

    What happens when someone who isn't a photographer and actively avoids the spotlight sits down to do the Self-Portrait Project? Join Nadeen Papali'i as she challenges her feelings of self doubt to a battle of wills. Oh yeah, did we mention she only had an I-Phone and this was during Lockdown? Classic.

  • May 2 2020

    Wallpaper Project: Mum + Me

    I am very lucky to have been gifted my creativity by my mum. Growing up, she always encouraged me to make. In this current lockdown, I’m spending more time with my darling mummy than I have since high school. So, I thought it would be a fun idea to work through Project Make’s wallpaper project together.

  • Apr 16 2020

    Wallpaper Project in Lockdown

    Are you beginning to stare blankly at your walls due screen saturation? This is the perfect time to redesign those walls! Join Mia Straka as she navigates the Wallpaper Project from her lockdown bubble in West Auckland.

  • Mar 31 2020

    Digital Handmade in Lockdown

    On the bright side, the lockdown is the perfect time to go crazy (in a productive way) and spend some quality time making. Join me in making Project Make's Digital Handmade Project.

  • Dec 5 2019

    Make-o-saurus Rex

    Make-o-saurus Rex is our monthly making jam, and like jam it’s usually a little wild and messy. Sometimes it’s a bunch of people who want to do their own thing but with company and sometimes there is a theme or session run by a collaborator. The colab sessions are a great way to casually increase your own skills in a pretty chill environment.

    The Make-o-saurus Rex Project.
    We asked some of our wilder collaborators ‘who is Make-o-saurus Rex?’ and then told them to have fun. Here are the results...