Tangaroa College Bespoke Shelving Project

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Production Flowchart

In this lesson you will produce a production flowchart. This maps out all the stages and tests required to actually make your bespoke storage. Now, I know, this is a DESIGN project, but in the next project you do have to make a prototype so stop complaining and get to figuring out! 

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Equipment and tools

  • Workbook/ digital portfolio
  • Pen/pencil 
  • Laptop/computer 
  • Access to internet

Lesson content

Flowcharts, otherwise known as process charts, are a great way to visualise and understand everything that goes into the manufacture process. Yours will outline the steps you will take to make your bespoke storage and include all the information you have worked so hard to get. Flowcharts have a specific format, use this as a guide. 

Note - you only really need the rectangle (for steps) and triangle (for test). Try to make your flowchart as DETAILED as possible! Even MORE detail than this example. 

This flowchart will be used for assessment when it comes time to make your design (next project), and also adds detail to your design work in this project because it proves you have figured out everything associated with your design idea.


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    Construction Flowchart 

    Your flowchart must be extremely detailed and you should include every step needed to construct your idea. Remember this is not only for assessment, it is the 'recipe' you will follow to actually build this idea.

    Your construction flowchart must include:

    • Key stages/processes and materials 
    • Equipment needed
    • Tests
    • Integration (of parts)
    • Time (how long you will spend on each step)
    • Health and safety 

Hollie's example

  1. Part A
  2. Part B

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