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Is your final design idea fit for purpose?

This is the time to think about how well your final design meets the given brief. Is your idea 'good'? Is is better than good? Maybe it's great! Maybe after looking back at all of your research, development and testing it isn't quite as functional as you wanted ... ? Either way you need to evaluate your design's fitness for purpose.

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Equipment and tools

  • Workbook/ digital portfolio
  • Pen/pencil
  • Laptop/computer

Guiding questions

  • What exactly did the brief ask for?
  • How have I met the brief?
  • Where could I improve this design?
  • How do I know this idea will work?

Lesson content

It's time to evaluate what you have designed. It is important to evaluate the brief from the very first lesson, when designing with a brief you should be checking in and remembering the brief as you design. This will ensure you are designing what you should be.

Here is the brief again:


To design and make a custom storage solution for something in the Technology block. It must consider fitness for purpose in the broadest sense and be able to be used in 2021. You must make a set of technical drawings that you will construct your prototype from and use CNC technology where suitable for your solution.

Design Specifications

  • Size: Suitable for selected resource and users - negotiated with the teacher
  • Materials: Available within the school setting, but including mild and tensile steels, aluminum, plastics, wood.
  • Construction techniques: A range of resistant materials and manufacturing processes are to be employed including the use of CNC technology.
  • Environmental considerations: Must be considered and evident within testing and design decisions.
  • Human factors: Must be considered and evident within testing and design decisions.

Your production specifications are to be developed through your research, design, and testing later on.


  • The completed design must be detailed enough to be commercially manufactured.
  • All materials must be suitable for the completed design.
  • Health and Safety practices (including training) must be evident throughout the entire design and construction process.
  • Final outcomes and select design work must be presented at the end of the year Technology exhibition.
  • Final outcomes must be usable and supported by evidence of testing in-site.
  • Storage solutions to be IN USE in 2021


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    In your workbook/ digital portfolio, write a detailed reflection on how your final design will meet the brief. We suggest using the list below as headings. If you are using a digital portfolio add the slide number where there is specific evidence. E.g. you may have user considerations on slide 15 - add that slide number into your evaluation, don't write it out again!

    Think about what you are being assessed against (below) and explain how you have considered:

    • Your user
    • The environment of the school workshop
    • The environment where it will be used 
    • Existing products 
    • Safety 
    • Quality
    • On-going maintenance 
    • Your skill level 
    • All the specs/ requirements in the design brief 
    • Stakeholder feedback

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