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Tangaroa College Bespoke Shelving Project


  • NCEA Technology
  • NCEA Construction and Mechanical Technologies
  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design


  • CAD Software

This project has been designed to meet a 6 credit NCEA standard post COVID-19. This means it should contain approximately 60 hours of teaching and learning, however, the scope and depth has been reduced due to the impacts of the national lockdown. The standard has been broken down into integral components for students and is supported by exemplars made by collaborator Hollie Riddell. It is also important to note this project has been designed for students with limited experience of the NZ Technology Curriculum.

Supports: NCEA AS91610, L3 Generic Technology 3.3. The flow and content of this project has been designed to support Generic Technology AS 91610 - 3.3 - Develop a conceptual design considering fitness for purpose in the broadest sense

Aimed at: Level 3 Product Design students at Tangaroa College post COVID-19

Additional NCEA support: 

14 lessons