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Landscape Design Project


  • Communication Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • NCEA Design and Visual Communication

This project has been designed for two Level 2 (Year 12) NCEA Achievement Standards (AS). One External worth 3 credits and an Internal worth 6 credits equating to approximately 90 hours of teaching and learning. All lessons have been broken down into 50min ‘chunks’. We appreciate that things don’t always go to plan so the duration may vary based on your resources and set up.

This project is being developed alongside a class - more lessons added as we go!

Supports: The flow and content of this project has been designed to support Level 2 Design and Visual Communication AS 91337 - 2.30 - Use visual communication techniques to generate design ideas and Level 2 Design and Visual Communication AS 91341 - 2.34 - Develop a spatial design through graphics practice

Aimed at: Level 2 DVC teachers and secondary students 

Additional NCEA support: 

8 lessons