Tangaroa College Self-Portrait Project

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Test Shots

In this lesson you will test shoot ideas and finalise planning for your shoot(s).

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  • Successfully plan a photographic shoot, considering and understanding all aspects/ outcomes  
  • Test out any ideas/techniques/styles you are unsure about before shoot 

Guiding questions

  • Will over planning LIMIT your creativity during the shoot? 
  • Or will thorough planning help GUIDE your creativity during the shoot? 
  • Figure out what level of planning realistically suits you!


  • Workbook


  1. 1

    Plan your shoot using your blog to write notes and checklists

  2. 2

    Test any techniques or equipment before your shoot 

  3. 4

    End by posting in your blog for lesson 6. See the learning from Miss Papali’i for lesson 6 in her blog

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