Tangaroa College Self-Portrait Project

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Post Production

In this lesson, you will learn basic editing for digital photographs. 

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  • To understand basic photo editing 
  • To use editing tools with a purpose to enrich photographic work
  • Familiarise yourself with chosen editing software 


  • Editing features on phone

Guiding questions

Think about these questions as you work your way through the lesson:

  • What is the overall aesthetic you are aiming for through editing your photos? 
  • How can editing enhance the way your photographs are ‘read’?
  • Are there any specialised editing skills you need to research and learn? 


  1. 1

    Create a file in your gallery and call it 'self portrait project'

  2. 2

    Start to systematically sort through photos and select your favourites, drag these photos into the 'self portrait' album 

  3. 3

    Once you have gone through the photos and chosen your best images, open the first image, duplicate the image so you can begin to go through the editing features outlined in the iPhone editing tutorial

  4. 4

    Now you can do the basic technical editing and fix any potential mistakes (exposure, highlights etc.)  

  5. 6

    End by posting in your blog for lesson 8. See the learning from Miss Papali’i for lesson 8 in her blog.

  1. Nadeen SP unedited

    Miss Papali'i's post production shot

  1. Nadeen SP

    Miss Papali'i's post production shot

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