Tangaroa College Self-Portrait Project

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Clarifying Your Intent

In this lesson you will bring ideas and research together to visualise your identity.

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  • Consider how you might visualise the different parts of your identity, based on the research you have done so far
  • Challenge yourself to think critically about your sense of identity, perhaps exploring issues that affect you as well as wider communities 
  • Write a research question as a way of giving definite purpose to your project (how can I show … ?) 


  • Piece of A4 or A3 paper - allows you to think and plan more freely
  • When you are finished, take a photo of your brainstorm and post it up on your blog

Guiding questions

Think about these questions as you work your way through the lesson:

  • What element(s) of identity are you exploring?
  • What style of photography are you interested in pursuing?
  • What objects or materials can be integrated into an idea that relates to your research? 


  1. 1

    On your A4 paper create a brainstorm for your chosen idea/ideas (at this point you can explore a few ideas and settle on one)


    Miss Papali'i's brainstorm

  2. 2

    Write and draw some ideas that you have surrounding how you would visualise all the information you have so far

  3. 3

    Finalise the theme you want to pursue in your photographs for this project


    Miss Papali'i's finalisation

  4. 4

    Click on the link for a further description and see an example

  5. 5

    End by posting in your blog for lesson 5. See the learning from Miss Papali’i for lesson 5 in her blog

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