Alistair Kinkaid's Rex.

Alistair is a clever cucumber. We love him at Project Make becuase he's always on the prowl for inspiration and ideas. You'll often find him, notebook in hand, watching the world around him and jotting down ideas for future character and motion design. 

He characterises his style as 'schmutzy' which, even without knowing what that is - we think once you look at his work you'll get the vibe ... Schmutz is the Yiddish word for filth; within his work Alistair redefines filth as 'stuff and things' which accompanies his trademark linework (often trying to escape the page) and sense of humour.

Alistair attacked this brief in two halves. His early work started with him thinking about dinosaurs and how he was going to draw one and retain his style. After getting familiar with how he wanted to represent his Rex, Alistair started thinking about his character. This involved making some decisions around the following key questions; Who IS Make-o-saurus Rex? How could motion tell the story of his character?

Just how schmutzy could he make this?

Alistair is someone who loves to make things. It's as much a calling as a compulsion. When we sat down to talk about the work he created for this project it became obvious that for many of us 'makers' we don't feel quite right if there's nothing on the go, on the boil. And while we are seldomly happy with much of what we make - we are far unhappier when we aren't making anything. This in part describes his take on his character.

Alistair's animation reveals a character who is shy, humble and totally absorbed in it's making world. We think it's pretty neat and possibly a little autobiographical...

Alistair Kinkaid's Rex.
Schmutzy dinos

Some of Alistair's early ideation

Final hoorah.

One of the coolest things about Alistair and his work is just how much of his positive, quirky-ass personality goes into his work. We appreciate that he is unafraid to use every tutorial and human out there to help him upskill and that he shows no domain snobbery. If it's cool he'll be into it. We seriously suggest a stalk of his Instagram.

This wee post takes you through his static iterations, 1st crack bringing it to life with motion and through to the final animation. We hope you enjoy the peak into his process and final outcome as much as have!

Final hoorah.

Storyboarding for the final animation