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Testing is a crucial part of the process. It gives us a reality check - usually as things take longer than we expect and often don't quite match up with our grandiose ideas. The flip side is that testing can also provide us with happy accidents that end up taking us to unusual and interesting places we hadn't imagined. 

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  • Your thumbnails and guiding statement
  • Something to jot down your plan onto (A3 paper/computer)

Guiding Questions

Think about these questions as you work your way through the lesson:

  • Which components do I need to test?
  • Which technical skills do I need to practice?
  • Am I good to go - or do I need to alter my design before I start?

Lesson Content

  1. You don’t want to spend hours making your fully formed handmade components - you need to make small ‘samples’ to check to see if the materials, media and imagery are working for you.

    It’s the perfect time to troubleshoot technical and conceptual issues before you’ve fully committed to them. 

    Work small and only complete part of the component - just enough to help you decide if it works or if you need to upskill before you start your final.

    Lesson Content

    Tests in progress


  1. 1

    What do I need to test?

    Look at your thumbnail of your intended layout/s and jot down all the components you'll need such as:

    • 3D cardboard house with hand drawn patterns.
    • Quote written in hand cut type - wood cut.
    • Table to place model on.
    • Clean studio background.

    Use this list to establish what you need to test (imagery and technical processes). 

    In the case of the example above I would need to:

    • Construct and illustrate the house.
    • Photograph the house in it's intended environment.
    • Cut some type using the method of woodcut.
    What do I need to test?

    Demelza's initial thumbnails

  2. 2


    Make small, quick versions of your handmade elements.

    Remember, this is a test not the real deal. You can go ham when you've figured out if you actually like what you are doing.

    Have fun when photographing and recording these tests ... the photos of your tests may end up going in an intersting direction ... lean into this!


    Close up of some testing

Tips & tricks

  • Re-watch some of the tutorials to refresh your memory
  • Be aware of your pace - how long things take - you may need to adjust ideas based on time allowances (if you are in a classroom setting)

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