Self-Portrait Project

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In this lesson, you will complete a photoshoot for your project.

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  • Complete shoot per plan (successfully visualise planning and research)
  • Learn/practice using photographic equipment in real shoot environment (camera, tripod, lights etc.)

Guiding questions

Think about these questions as you work your way through the lesson:

  • Are the methods you are using during shooting adding to your project?
  • Is it important for you to think about the reasoning behind each element of your shoot? 
  • Is the location significant? 
  • Is the particular way you are shooting reminiscent of your research or does it have a connection with your identity?

Lesson content

  1. It is finally time for your photographic self-portrait project shoot! This is the time to put all your research and planning into action.

    You should have done enough planning and testing to feel ready to nail this shoot. It is important to be efficient and organised during shoots (due to factors such as time pressures of daylight, equipment charge, models time, etc).

    Make sure to bring your shoot plan/shot list with you to keep on track and make sure you get the most out of your shoot. For some, this process will be completed in one day and one shoot, others will need to organise multiple shoots to fully visualise their projects.

    lesson content

    Self-Portrait, Undated. Vivian Maier

Tips & tricks

  • If you are shooting with other people, make sure to look after them! It’s always a nice idea to bring snacks for when you have a break
  • Also playing music can help relax everyone if they aren't used to being photographed/photographing!
  • Make sure your camera and other equipment are fully charged (there is no frustration quite like a camera battery dying in the middle of a shoot)
  • Shoot in RAW if possible (this makes editing easier as you will be working with bigger files)

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