Self-Portrait Project

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Finalising and Finishing Up

In this lesson, you will finalise the output of your photographic work.

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  • Finalise an output for your photographic works which best suits your project
  • Successfully finish a series of photographic self-portraits to a high standard

Guiding questions

Think about these questions as you work your way through the lesson:

  • How does your chosen output enrich the overall effect of your work?
  • Can you justify the decisions behind your chosen output in relation to your work?

Lesson content

  1. Finalising the output of your photographic work can be the most important step in the project, and the most exciting! The chosen output for my work Gita was large scale photographic silk prints. It was integral for my work to be printed onto fabric as it aligned with the meaning behind my work. 

    Choosing an output that makes sense to you, your idea, research and ‘vision’ is key.  Will your work live digitally or will it be physically printed? A book format or a print? These decisions are important and should be made alongside the ideas behind your work. It is important to think about output earlier on in the project (around lesson 6). This can be handy as your decided output may inform the way you shoot and even what you shoot. Will your output be one of the following or something else:

    • Photographic print 

    • Photobook 

    • Zine 

    • Digital print 

    Think about the logistics of each of these outputs. Such as printing costs, paper stock, binding materials, and text. Consider how all these elements will enrich and add to your overall idea and reference your research.

    Lesson content

    Anjuli Selvadurai

Preparing images for print with Karl Taylor

Resize and prepare photos for print with PJ Pantelis

Tips & tricks

  • Collaborate your device (so the image you see on your screen matches as closely as possible with the printed image). This isn’t completely necessary, however, it is good practice and something to be aware of if you are printing your work
  • Testing ways to print or book layouts/binding throughout this project is a good idea. This will give you an idea of how/what you shoot will work with your chosen output

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