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Wearable Arts Project: Part B


  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Fabrication
  • NCEA Construction and Mechanical Technologies
  • Garment Construction


  • Sewing Machine

The Wearable Art project: Part B follows on from the process of developing a conceptual Wearable Arts design (Part A). It is designed for someone who is completely new to fashion construction. It breaks down how to take a complex conceptual idea and translate it into physical reality. This part of the project is perfect for people who want a refresher in how to make things using fabric and textiles. Collaborator Cherie Vick has taken this complex process and broken it down using video tutorials.

Supports: NCEA AS91345, L2 CMT 2.21

The flow and content of this project could be used alongside Construction and Mechanical Technologies: AS91345 - 2.21 - Implement advanced procedures using textile materials to make a specified product with special features

Aimed at: Level 2 Fashion Design teachers and secondary students, beginners

Additional NCEA support:

5 lessons