A.bout Us

Who we are
Our network of collaborators include educators, researchers, practitioners and students, all of whom believe in the significance of design.

What we're about
Learning to design is a complex activity requiring the collective knowledge and practices of the design community across all sectors and disciplines.
Project Make champions the role of design and design education in New Zealand and encourages folk to make things together.


Why use Project Make?
If you’re a student, Project Make puts you in touch with people you might not otherwise have access to. If you're a teacher, you don’t have to teach on an island and you don’t need to have all the technical skills involved in a project.

Why collaborate with Project Make?
You’ll be part of a passionate and diverse community, full of people who see the potential in being part of positive change in the making/thinking space. You’ll also have an additional revenue stream.

Our manifesto

We make things
We strive to make things well
We aspire to make things that matter

Ultimately, we want to make a difference. Together.